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'Hangover helper' gaining in popularity across the Valley


A new Valley company is trying to tackle an old problem - finding a cure for that unwanted hangover.

Kirk Bee spent the weekend watching football and doing some serious drinking.

"Woke up with a nasty headache this morning about 4, took some water, went back to sleep and didn't feel any better when I got up," Bee said.

The 52-year old electrician said he usually sleeps off his hangovers or loads up on coffee.

But he's decided to try something different.

He called the Valley's hottest new "hangover helpers."

Myesha Barbieto is a registered nurse who gave up her long nights in the hospital to start up her own business.

It's called Emergency IV, a door-to-door rehydration therapy service.

Call them up, and they'll show up with a medical team ready to pump your veins with an assortment of B-vitamins, minerals and medication - and it only takes about 30-40 minutes.

"If you party like a rock star, you need to recover like a rock star," said Barbieto. "Now I'm able to offer that to people."

The Gilbert electrician said he started feeling better right away.

"The headache started going away almost immediately," said Bee. "My stomach feels great."

The Emergency IV team said the entire experience is pretty painless and there are no real health risks.

They ask everyone to fill out a consent form and answer a few health-related questions.

Barbieto said that the rehydration therapy is also designed to help runners, bikers, even folks with the flu.

"It's not just for hangovers. You have every type of athlete you can think of - even MMA fighters are getting this dose, before and after," said Barbieto. "Even people that are under a lot of stress. They don't eat enough and drink too much coffee and have bad eating habits and don't take vitamins. They can benefit, as well."

The rehydration and recovery treatments range in price from $125 to $175 per session.

For more information about Emergency IV Mobile Hydration Unit or to schedule an appointment, visit www.emergencyiv.com or call 480-427-2259.

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