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Did neighbors calls about possible gas leak go unheeded?

A day after nine West Questa Drive homes in Glendale were evacuated due to a natural gas leak, all displaced residents have been allowed to return to their homes. Officials with Southwest Gas have also made progress in their investigation of the leak.

"We were able to find the source of the leak and now that pipe has been sent off to the lab to confirm exactly what caused the leak," explained Southwest Gas public affairs officer Amy Washburn.

Just Thursday, CBS 5 News showed viewers cell phone video Questa Drive residents captured natural gas bubbling up through cracks in the street.

"Some of the areas within that cul-de-sac had a higher gas read," Washburn added.

But people living near the site of the leak, like Chrissy Herzog, say Thursday it took repeated calls before the problem was looked at.

"I've called the gas company a couple of times over this. They laughed at me because if you can't smell it there should be nothing wrong," Herzog claimed.

Washburn says Southwest Gas officials searched calls from the Questa Drive area in the last year.

"As of right now, we have not been able to locate any of those records," Washburn said.

When asked where the company checked for records of those alleged phone calls, Washburn explained that, "we have a system that's able to go back and trace certain phone numbers. We've been able to look at a couple different addresses."

Herzog also said when she tried reporting the bubbling cracks, a customer service representative with the gas company allegedly told her, "that there was no reason to check on it {the gas leak} because they said they didn't smell anything."

"We pay close attention to that, so if any of those components are brought into an odor call, or just a call into our call center, we have crews out there," Washburn said.

In the end, whether the call came in two weeks, or two days ago, crews got to the neighborhood in time to fix a gas leak that could have been much worse.

"The same procedures and protocols happen every single call to make sure that we are maintaining a high, high level of safety," Washburn added.

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