Students Have Their Say On Presidential Debate

While President Bush and Senator John Kerry did their best to pick up more supporters Thursday night, thousands of people throughout the nation - including right here in South Mississippi- were glued to their television sets to determine who would possibly be the best person for the job.

We sat in with students of a government class at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College as they watched Thursday's debate on foreign policy.

Here are some of their impressions.

"They both seem to be pretty adamant about the points that they're making. They're kind of making kind of derogatory remarks against each other, subtly you know, for the most part I think they're making pretty strong points. I'm kind of leaning a little bit towards Bush now," said Rebecca Wilder.

"Neither side is actually doing anything great because it's sort of scripted so, they keep going over the same points like they do doing the major election campaign time anyway," said Dean Bruce.

The second Bush/ Kerry debate is set for October 8 on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.