Class of 1941 Tours New Biloxi High

Norma George enjoyed a few laughs with friends as she gave cafeteria food a taste test.

George said "The food tastes delicious. The potato salad, it tastes like it was homemade. I guess it is, I don't know".

It's been 63-years since George graduated from her old high school on Howard Avenue. So, on Thursday, she joined 14 former classmates and their spouses on a VIP tour of the new Biloxi High.

George said "It's like it's in a different world. You see, we had a 3-story building and it was a beautiful building, but it does bring back some memories.  I was just overwhelmed with it.  I'm just so proud of Biloxi for having a lovely school like this".

Helen Bieda said "There's no comparison. This is absolutely overwhelming. I can't believe all the beautiful facilities they have here".

The modern buildings and spacious campus weren't the only things that impressed the class of 1941.

Bieda said "These young people are such beautiful people. We ate with them in the cafeteria, excuse me, the food court today, and they were so wonderfully well behaved and so well mannered".

It seems schools may change, but some things stay the same. Members of the class of 1941 say they try to get together four times a month to have lunch, reminisce and play games to sharpen their minds.