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Ladybug Quilters of Prattville share a laugh, make a difference


At Christ Lutheran Church in Prattville, the sewing machines are spinning and the needles are striking with pin-point precision. Welcome to another sewing session with the Ladybug Quilters.

Valorie Pierce is the leader of the group.

"This is an addiction," she said. And rewarding, too!

The ladies are making quilts and sharing a laugh every step of the way.

"I didn't know how to sew in the beginning and one day I was shown how and the person came back to ask how I was doing and I said 'how do you turn on the machine?,' said Nancy Bohlmann.

But at the heart of all this there is a purpose.

"We're giving just a tiny bit of comfort to someone," said Pierce, comfort to someone battling cancer. This is their ministry, the very fabric of what makes them tick. Here's a story of one man who never knew such care went into stitching together a quilt.

"Wow! These people don't even know us' and you see tears rolling down a grown man's face," remembered Pierce.

Another story from another friend.

"He said it kept him so warm and felt so much love in that quilt," said Diane Henne.

The Ladybug Quilters started out 10 years ago initially sewing quilts for events like graduations but that focus soon changed.

It changed when Bohlmann's own sister was diagnosed with cancer. She, too, received a quilt, hand-made by the quilters.

"It gave her a sense of warmth and confidence," said Bohlmann who says her sister is now cancer free.

In the last year and a half the Ladybug Quilters have made around 145 quilts. The ladybugs give the quilts to those fighting cancer at the cancer center in Prattville, no strings attached yet the payback has been far more than they could ever imagined.

"We think we're bringing the blessing to these people but we come away blessed ourselves," said Pierce.

Blessed and content knowing in some small way the Ladybug Quilters helped ease someone's pain with a simple act of love.

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