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Most of AL's congressional delegation votes against bill to end shutdown

The majority of Alabama's congressional delegation voted against the bill to reopen the federal government and avoid a default.

Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Richard Shelby voted against the bill along with fellow Republicans Rep. Robert Aderholt, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Martha Roby and Rep. Mike Rogers.

Roby said Wednesday she could not support a deal that she says increases the nation's debt limit by half a trillion dollars but does not include reforms to spending. Her office said "ineffective strategy weakened Republicans' bargaining position."

Sen. Rogers issued the following statement:

"Tonight, the House and Senate both passed legislation to temporarily extend our debt limit and reopen the Federal government. This bill passed without my support, in part, because it is a just short-term fix, does not move our country in the right direction and does not address the very concerning shortfalls facing our National Security."

Democrat Terri Sewell and Republican Spencer Bachus voted in favor of the bill. Bachus recently announced he isn't seeking reelection.

Rep. Bachus released the following statement Wednesday night:

"Unless we accomplish true entitlement reform, we will continue to face these disruptive crises. There now needs to be bipartisan resolve to decisively address the entitlement programs, Obamacare and Social Security Disability among them, that are the primary drivers of our deficits and national debt."

Sewell issued the following statement:

"Tonight, I voted in favor of H.R. 2775, the bipartisan funding bill, because it was the only responsible thing to do to re-open government and pay our nation's bills. I share the frustrations of millions of Americans who are fed up with the political brinkmanship in the halls of Congress. For the last sixteen (16) days, House Republicans have placed partisan politics ahead of the needs of the American people by allowing the government shutdown to continue due to their unreasonable demands to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. We do not put America's full faith and credit in jeopardy to score political points.

While I agree Congress must address our debt crisis, it is reckless and woefully irresponsible to do so at the expense of the American economy. There are no winners in this debacle. We all lose when 800,000 federal workers are furloughed, costing American taxpayers $300 million a day and diminishing our economic reputation globally. Enough is enough! Let's reopen government and prevent an economic default so we can finally come to the table and deal with the pressing issues of deficit reduction and job creation."

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