KFCU steps in to help members during government shutdown

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - This week, Keesler Federal Credit Union posted a one time only provisional credit to 2,455 members who were furloughed.

The credit union had a plan in place weeks ago, just in case lawmakers did not reach an agreement and the federal government was forced to shut down. When it looked like a shutdown was inevitable, KFCU's team went to work.

"We know how important it is to get that normal payroll deposit to help them with their mortgage payment and other payments," KFCU CEO John Goff told WLOX News.

It was not easy to figure out who qualified and who did not. In fact, the credit union's IT team, put in a lot of hours determining that information.

"There was a lot of uncertainty about which members would and would not get paid," Goff said.

As you might imagine, the response to this gesture from the credit union has been one of thanks and appreciation. A number of people went on Facebook to express their thanks.

Goff did want to clarify that this is not a loan or a gift. They will be paid back, because the credit union will reverse the provisional credit with the next regular payroll.

Goff said his hope is that the credit union is not faced with a similar situation in coming months, but he said if that is the case, KFCU is certainly ready to help.

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