Page 13: Glass and paint come together

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Paint and glass are two distinctly different materials, but Deborah Sackett of Biloxi puts them together and calls it 'art on glass.'

Many of her images reflect different landmarks and attractions on the Mississippi Coast, like the Biloxi Lighthouse.

"I'm a Mississippi Girl, raised on the point. My glassware has brought me back into the community," said Sackett.

The coastal themed, hand-painted glassware can be found at the Biloxi Visitor's Center. With each individual piece, she captures our environment in a unique way.

"It's designed to go around the entire glass. It includes the I-110 loop and a little bit of history with waves and motion," said Sackett as she holds up one of her glasses.

You could say Sackett is a goodwill ambassador for tourism, culture and history on the coast.

She sells many of her pieces on the Internet, over at the Biloxi Visitor's Center and at a charming gift shop in Ocean Springs called The Pink Rooster.

"My work is all over America. You would think just along the shoreline; but inland, too. Oklahoma, Nevada and many other states. It's exciting," said Sackett.

Sackett started out with a clever design called "Message in a Bottle."

From there, she painted wine bottles and branched out to doing complete sets of glassware.

She says she brings each glass to life with just one touch of paint.

"You paint what you see and what you feel. My glassware is like poetry in motion to me."

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