Application process for pre-K funding set to begin Nov. 1

Pre-K providers in south Mississippi can begin applying for state funding November 1st, but they must meet several requirements in order to be eligible. Those requirements are part of the Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013, passed by state lawmakers in April.

The Early Learning Collaborative Act establishes Mississippi's first state-funded, voluntary Pre-K program. The goal is to improve the quality of pre K education, and to be able to offer it to more four year olds across the state.

In order to participate, Pre-K programs in Head Start centers, licensed childcare facilities, public, parochial or private schools must form a collaborative - they must partner with each other and identify a lead partner to manage the collaboration. Once they do that, providers will be eligible to compete for funding so they can maintain or expand quality early childhood education.

Early Learning Collaboratives can submit their applications, beginning November 1st.

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