Is Sean Payton concerned after the Patriots defense contained TE Jimmy Graham?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Despite a 30-27 last second loss to New England on Sunday handing the New Orleans Saints its first setback of the season after running off 5 straight victories, Saints quarterback Drew Brees says this team has the opportunity to be better than the 2009 Saints team that captured the Super Bowl title.

"I think we've just scratched the surface.  As well as our defense has played, I know that they're sitting there going, man... there's things that we could do better.  Offensively, I know there's things we could do better.  So when you're sitting here at 5-1 and you're able to say those things, then that's a good thing."

Coach Payton complimented New England and the job they did covering tight end Jimmy Graham.  Is he concerned that other NFL teams will copycat the Patriots defensive scheme that shutdown Graham?  The Patriots used Auib Talib to jam Graham coming off the line of scrimmage.

"If someone has Aqib Talib it is. If you watch the film on him, transitionally he is playing very well, strong at the line of scrimmage. He's a good jam and reroute guy. He has the size so I think it fit and it was something that we kind of expected and then you just get into looking at where are the other match ups. We had a big play to Ben (Watson) in the first quarter where Talib was outside and Ben got matched up on a linebacker. Those are some of the things we do offensively and find those ways where we can move and create leverage points for Jimmy Graham."

Brees agreed with Coach Payton when he was asked if he was concerned that other NFL teams will use the same defensive tactic in trying to contain tight end Jimmy Graham?

"No, because it was good coverage.  We were kind of playing into the technique that they were trying to play with him.  I think that, really, if teams are bound to determine to take away Jimmy Graham, then there are plenty of other guys that can beat them."

He added that Graham is going to make his plays every game and he said it was up to the Saints coaching staff to find creative ways to get him in the positions to make those plays.

He added,"Graham got dinged up there at the end of the game, which kind of prevented him from being in there to make some plays as well."

The Saints have a bye week before hosting the Buffalo Bills October 27th in the Suerpdome.

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