Gulfport head coach's wife won't give up in fight against cancer

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Sherry Pierce is battling breast cancer for the second time in two years, but her charming smile and upbeat attitude make it hard to tell. Pierce is the wife of Gulfport High school's head football coach, Eddie Pierce, and she can be seen at every game cheering on the admirals.

"I have one son, but he lives in New York now. These are like my boys. So I really love the football team. I love football. I love supporting my husband," said Pierce.

The Gulfport admirals rush the field, sporting their pink socks proudly. Junior offensive lineman Garrett Comstock said wearing pink is even more special knowing that Pierce is currently in the fight.

"It makes us feel good to help, to show support to him, and show that we care," said Comstock.

Every Friday she rests up, knowing she has an exciting day ahead. Around three o'clock she goes to the high school to help feed the players before the game, and players like Rishaud Floyd enjoy having her there.

"It means a lot that she would go out of her way and do that for us, so we can go do the best on the field for her," said Floyd.

Pierce was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. She went into remission that December, and was cancer free for a year. But in December 2012, the cancer returned. In May, she decided to move to the coast.

"That was one of our main reasons of moving down here is because life is short, and if there's something you want to do you need to go after that dream. We always wanted to live at the beach, so here we are," said Pierce.

Pierce and her husband share a love for football, but the sport isn't the only thing that has his heart.

"My wife, Sherry, she's my hero. I mean, she gets up to a battle every day and she is a true warrior. I mean she's a tremendous woman," said Coach Pierce.

While Coach Pierce sports his pink on the field, she cheers him on from the stands. Pierce said her battle with breast cancer has taught her not to take life, or her health, for granted.

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