Cruisers slowly parade along Highway 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a Cruising the Coast tradition: Driving the beach front highway and letting folks check out your classic car.

For this annual event, Highway 90 is "the" place to see and be seen. And that also means plenty of traffic congestion. Cruisers don't seem to mind the slow moving traffic, since they enjoy being part of the parade. But if you're looking to get somewhere in a hurry, forget about Highway 90 this weekend.

However, if you're planning to check out the classic cars, set up your lawn chair, sit back and enjoy. There are a record number of cars once again, and most of them will travel Highway 90 during their visit here. Heads will turn and car owners will smile.

"It's pretty sharp. '64 Chevelle SS. All original. All numbered car. So we like it pretty good," said Wayne Bullock of Delisle.

He loves showing off his classic ride.  His wife is also proud of this beauty.

"The way it looks. The way it rides. And the way it sounds. And the way I look sitting next to it," said Hannah Bullock.

Laid back and looking cool; that's a "Cruising" attitude. Car owners don't mind the inevitable slow parade along Highway 90. Larry Smith and his friends have a great spot staked out.

"It stops right in front of you all the time. So you get a lot of thumbs us and hollering back and forth you know. It's just a great time," said the cruiser from Mobile.

Along with checking out the parade of classics, he gets a chance to show off his own:  a '57 Chevy two door hard top.

"I put a 350 engine in it with a turbo 350 transmission. It runs pretty good. A good driver," said Smith.

As traffic slows to a crawl along 90, some drivers have a distinct advantage. The owner of "Bigfoot" can see over everyone else and know when the congestion is coming.

Jimmy and Arlin Cook of Mobile have a prime spot at Veterans Avenue to watch for their favorites.

"A '65 Mustang," said Cook.

"I love the old cars. The real old ones," his wife added.

The slow parade of classics continues through the weekend. If you can't deal with traffic, by all means avoid Highway 90.  But if you're like thousands of others who look forward to this classic car weekend, enjoy it.

"Just having a good time. Meeting a lot of people. You meet a lot of nice people," said Larry Smith.

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