Citizens Say Transit Authority Discriminates

Coast Transit Authority provides bus service to riders with special needs. For the door to door service CTA charges extra. Janice LeLeaux likes the convenience, but she doesn't like the price.

"It is two dollars per fare zone. From my apartment to Walmart it's eight dollars round trip and to go to Memorial it's eight dollars. If you go up to Garden Park it's 12 dollars and if I want to go to Biloxi it's 12 dollars," LeLeaux says.

LeLeaux says she's talked to CTA about the financial hardship the fares create for her and others on fixed incomes.

"We have been fighting with them, tryin' to get 'em to lower the rates and they won't do it."

That's why LeLeaux says she filed a complaint with the Justice Department.

"We want them to lower, cut out some of the fare zones. It's not fair to the disabled people."

LeLeaux's friend agrees. Lorenzo Peeples says he walks whereever he can to save the bus money.

"The cost range for those who are based on income that's quite a bit. Eight dollars a day, 5 days a week that kinda adds up."

Peeples is not part of LeLeaux's complaint against CTA, but like LeLeaux he's hopeful it will bring changes.

Coast Transit Director Kevin Coggin says he has not seen Janice LeLeaux's complaint and can't comment on it. But Coggin did tell us he has tried to meet with LeLeaux and she declined.