Action Report: Where's the vinyl wrap?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sean Sell is co-owner of Posh Puppy Parlor along with Sherry Simmons. The company grooms dogs and cats in their mobile pooch parlor.

Sell said they hired Michael Peronne, who owns Redline Digital, to put a new vinyl wrap around the bus. That was back in May.

"He was supposed to replace this with a new graphic. And where the shell starts, over the cab and here, was suppose to be a total digital vinyl wrap."

Michael Perrone told me he charged $2,800 for the vinyl wrap.

Sell said, "At this point, we've given him $2,670 total."

Sell said the old vinyl has been removed from the door, but nothing else. He said his moving business looks unprofessional, and that has his hurt his business and its image.

"I mean, you can see it doesn't look very professional how it is now," Sell stated. "It's not a very good advertisement for our business. So we're a little bit disappointed and at this point we would just like our money back."

After a five month delay, Sell and Simmons filed a complaint.

"Finally, after 24 unanswered phone calls, several emails back and forth, excuses, canceling the date several times, we finally went down to the Biloxi Police Department and filed a report."

Sell said they were told the dispute was a civil matter and that's when they contacted WLOX.

I, along with Sell and Simmons, met with Redline Digital Owner Michael Perrone at his office in Biloxi. I asked Perrone if he agreed to put a wrap around the bus and why has it taken so long to complete the job.

Perrone responded by saying, "Well, there's no hold up. Ah, what had happened, Ms Sherry asked us to push it back to the end of the year. And I think it was a miscommunication."

Sherry Simmons said, "That's a lie."

When Simmons paid a portion of the $2,600 to Perrone, it was paid to a company called Guardian Investigations.

"It wasn't done through somebody else's account. It's done through my account, which was Guardian Investigations," stated Perrone.

Guardian Investigations is listed at 1000 Tommy Munro Drive in Biloxi. I couldn't find the company, because it doesn't exist. Perrone told me that he and his partner were going to build at that location, but never did.

Meanwhile, Sell just wants his money back. Perrone promised to pay the refund within 45 days.

"As soon as I get the money, it will be refunded to her," he said.

I will check back with Sean Sell to see if he got the refund.

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