WLOX Editorial: Glad to see economic development growth

We are happy to see the continuing growth and business development along the coast. In Gulfport a new lead developer is in place for the old VA site. The plan is to convert the 60 acre beach front property with its historic buildings into a festival marketplace to include a hotel, a university, housing, shops, restaurants and offices. All built around a town square.

In Biloxi, minor league baseball is on the way. Whether or not you like the financial deal for the new stadium, baseball in Biloxi is positive growth for the coast.

And just this month, even McDonald's has returned to its location near Edgewater Mall, a lot left vacant by Hurricane Katrina until now.

Maybe our economic growth has not been as fast as we would all like, but we are growing; and we applaud those leading the way.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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