Ocean Springs man accused of setting home on fire

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - An Ocean Springs man is charged with firing a shotgun at police officers Wednesday afternoon following a domestic incident at a home on General Pershing Avenue. Timothy Beaugez, 56, is also accused of setting fire to the home, which belongs to his parents.

Police were called to the home after Beaugez showed up uninvited, reportedly threatening to set the family home ablaze.

"Went crazy, I guess," said J.B. Galle, who identified himself as Beaugez's cousin.

Galle told WLOX News there's been a history of confrontations and family issues.

"He's gotten in trouble before and his daddy kicked him out of the house and didn't want him around," Galle said. "He kept wanting to come back and see his grandkids, and they wouldn't let him back in, and he just couldn't take no more."

Officers donned their protective vests and other gear to approach the home. Streets around General Pershing were blocked off as firefighters and ambulances waited nearby.

When police arrived, the home was on fire and Beaugez was inside. Other family members had left the house to call help.

The situation intensified when police entered the home looking for Beaugez.

"Once they walked through the front door, that's when a shot was fired at an officer," said Captain William Jackson of the Ocean Springs Police Department.

One officer was struck by buckshot, but his injuries were minor. Jackson said the officer went back on duty later Wednesday afternoon. Beaugez was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation.

"Lucky nobody got hurt, that's the main thing," Galle said after it was all over, grateful his family was safe.

"Maybe they can start sleeping good for now."

The case remains under investigation by Ocean Springs Police and the state fire marshal. In addition to two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, Beaugez could face charges related to the fire.

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