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Rounding the corners of cotton bales

EDWARDS, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Freshly picked cotton is now being rolled into round bales, just like hay, and operators tell us it is almost 100 per cent more efficient than the old way of picking cotton and turning it into rectangular bales.

The round bales weigh some 5,000 pounds and can be left in the field, wrapped in plastic, for weeks without harming the quality of the cotton.  

The big advantage comes from a revolutionary cotton picker made by John Deere, which cuts down on labor and greatly increases efficiency.


"The big saving is of people and time," said Adam Mason, the machine's operator. "By steadily going and not having to stop for a module builder, that's where you save, You can carry one on the back, and make one as you go and you are steadily picking all the time,"

The machine can just run constantly until it runs out of plastic or fuel. The cotton still has to be transported from the field to the gin.  

The cotton is on land owned by Addis farms but it is leased out.

Mason works for Snake Creek Planting Company and is from Raymond.

The use of the round bales as opposed to the old rectangular bales, is almost a 100 per cent improvement. They have been picking cotton this way since 2010.

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