Missing person's organization comes to South MS to help with cold case

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hancock County welcomed a national missing person's organization to town Monday. The group stopped in Bay St. Louis to pursue a nine year old missing person's case.

Monica Casion and her crew are on their 10th Annual "Road to Remember" tour. The non-profit organization travels from state to state rallying with the families of missing people, hoping to shed some light on these cold cases.

"We work hand in hand with all these families so they're just not on our website or they are not just a file number. We're in touch with them. Speak with them. Visit them, and search with them," said Casion.

Community United Effort Center for Missing Persons, or CUE for short, was asked to stop in Bay St. Louis on behalf of Floyd Price. Price went missing in 2004, after writing a large check to a Mr. John Necaise.

Necaise was later arrested and charged with the murder of a Harrison County man.

Hancock County investigator John Luther tells WLOX why the connection between Price's disappearance and Necaise was never fully pursued.

"I believe the primary suspect in Mr. Price's disappearance was John Necaise. John Necaise is now deceased," said Luther.

The missing person's organization has been in contact with Mr. Price's family for several years. Casion's happy they've finally been able to stop in Mississippi to start on his case.

"They registered the case I think it was about five years ago, and I know a lot about the case and what's been going on and just recently they finally have come to an area that they believe needs to be searched and we will be returning to the area," said Casion.

Those with CUE believe Mr. Price's case is just like the rest. Someone's loved one, vanished into thin air.

"That's what people don't understand, families sit back and they live in this longer, in this unknown fade of a missing person. And they just want a resolution. They just want the person found," said Casion.

Price's granddaughter lives in Colorado. She was unable to come to Mississippi for the stop, but investigator Luther said she has never stopped praying for her grandfather to be located.

"Mr.Price is still on their minds, the family wants Mr. Price to be found or his remains to be found so they can have closure," said Luther.

CUE will make their next stop in Florida where they will visit 10 more families hoping for a lead on finding their lost loved ones.

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