Young Moss Point mom fighting for her life

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - LaDarion Picket is a six-year-old with plenty of energy, that keeps his grandparents and mom on the go.

And it's a good thing because Ladarion's mom Whittney Davison, has come to depend on him.

"He knows everything about what is going on with me. Every night he makes sure I take my medicine," As she wipes away tears, she added. "I can't imagine my life without him".

Whittney Davison was diagnosed with systemic lupus when she was in high school. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system turns against the body, often causing harm to organs and tissues.

In 2010 the disease turned on Whittney's kidneys, causing them to shut down. Dialysis is keeping her alive while she waits for a kidney donor match.

"My greatest hope is to get a kidney; it would change a lot in my life," she said.

Whittney has ups and downs, but lately she is spending more and more time in the hospital. Her mom Gwen Fields, said she's a fighter.

"She's a tough cookie. If you look at her you wouldn't know she was sick. She has trouble breathing sometimes, walking around too. It's hard as a parent when you can't do anything to help but pray," Whittney's mother said.

Whittney works at her bank job as much as she can, but that's becoming more difficult. Since healthy people can live with one kidney, her family members tested to become donors, but unfortunately, they were not good matches. That's why Whitney is on a transplant waiting list at Oschner's in New Orleans.

While they wait for a match; they're hoping a living donor may come forward and help.

"I hope God touched somebody's heart so they will be tested to give her a kidney so she can continue on with her life and raise her son," Whittney's mother said.

Young LaDarion is keenly aware of what his mom needs to be happy and healthy.

"She needs her son and she needs her kidney. That's all I know," he said.

Whittney is hopeful that sharing her story will help her find the donor she so desperately needs.

"It's something I really need. If they have a heart and are able to help," Whittney said.

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a donor to help Whittney Davison; call Oschner Organ Transplant Center for more information about being tested at 504-842-3925.  You will have to give her name; Whittney M. Davison, along with her birth date; 07-03-89.

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