Moss Point city leaders looking to fix flooding problems

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Heavy rains moved in fast Sunday flooding at least eight streets in Moss point. Firefighters said they had to pick up five people who were stuck in their homes.

Those rescued were transported to higher ground. Moss Point's mayor and the board of aldermen were also out in the rain Sunday to find ways to alleviate the flooding woes.

Rose Drive was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Moss Point.

"It shouldn't be fair you have to live like this," Moss Point resident Jimmy Hill said.

Many neighbors said they didn't worry about the possibility of flooding because tropical storm Karen weakened to a depression.

"I thought all the bad was going to come Friday and Saturday, but Sunday I wasn't thinking it is was going to this bad to leave," Moss Point resident Stephanie Hill said.
Now families like the Hills are stuck on their porch watching the rising water swallow their street and sink their cars.

"We can't get out. We can't use our toilets," Stephanie Hill said.

The folks who live on Rose Drive said they have been dealing with this flooding nightmare for nearly half a century, but it could be soon coming to an end.  The mayor said he has a plan in place to stop it.

"Our plan is to come in and put in 15 drains in this area all around from the beginning of Rose Drive to this end. Six on one end, so we can get the water to the big ditch that goes south to Gulf," 
Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield said.

The Mayor traveled to the flooded area to talk with storm victims. He told them FEMA has already approved the fix and now the city is just waiting on the money to start.

"We should within the next 60 to 90 days, we should be able to come out here and start breaking ground to put in the kind of drains that are big enough to take the water out and accommodate the water just as this," the mayor said.

Moss Point neighbors pray the relief comes soon, so the rain will stop turning their streets into rivers.

"I do have hope he will do what he says he is going to do," Jimmy Hill said. "If we can send people to the moon I know we can fix this."

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