USDAA Dog Competition wags on despite tropical disturbance

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Hurdles, poles and hoops were just some of the obstacles at the USDAA sanctioned dog sport competition this weekend.

More than 40 dogs and their owners came out to compete in the event at the Harrison County Fairgrounds, including Tracey Roth from Louisiana.

"I have two Siberian Huskies entered this weekend named Kamikaze and Kayak," said Roth.

For Roth, it's more than a competition.

"We're going to USDAA nationals at the end of the month," said Roth. "So, we're here working our skills so we'll be ready for Nationals."

Kamikaze and Kayak are her 7th and 8th dogs she's competed with over the years.

That dedication is familiar to Linda Ryan of Little Rock, Arkansas.

"We run agility," said Ryan, "It's our most favorite thing in the world. It's our passion. We've got several dogs. Babies up to master level dogs and we travel all over the place on the weekends."

"It's being with your dogs," said Suzanne Wesley. "I love the training aspect of it. I love to train the dogs, love to get them so jazzed up and seeing the joy in doing this equipment because you've got to understand dogs don't do this naturally."

Wesley was over the event, put on the Mississippi Mavericks Agility Club. For her, it's a passion that started 15 years ago.

"We just wanted to get our dogs over the jumps," said Wesley. "But now, it's a little bit, I guess we've all become a bit more competitive. We want to be faster we want to win more competitions."

The race, for time and accuracy, kept owners smiling and tails wagging. It was a 'dog-gone' good time.

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