Moss Point City Council Turns Down MacLand Uploading Station

"If you just look, Moss Point is just so beautiful," Resident Bobby Tucker says.

If everything goes the way Bobby Tucker plans, when Moss Point residents look out over the water, they'll soon see a multi-million dollar marina.

Tucker's marina would include a restaurant and lounge, a boat storage facility, and a number of nature watch areas. He also believes a marina of that size would attract a lot more visitors to the city.

"I believe this would bring many small businesses to Moss Point downtown. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't need a motel. I'm probably going to put in a restaurant and lounge because of the view," Tucker says.

Although Tucker has already applied for a building permit, if the Macland waste transfer facility were to come here to downtown Moss Point, he would've scratched his plans altogether.

"For me to go and try to change [Moss Point] into something beautiful like this and have filling fluids drop off right next store. It just wouldn't work," Tucker says.

But that won't be a problem anymore. Most of the aldermen say since last week when the proposal was made public, their phones have been ringing off the hook. The citizens of Moss Point have spoken, and the city officials have listened.

Tucker says he's glad he can continue his business plans, but he's more excited about Moss Point's future and fact that they didn't let this opportunity slip away.

by Jaimee Goad