Kelli's Steps School Of Dance Celebrates 25 years

Can you imagine earning a living doing what you've loved to do your whole life? Now imagine being awarded for your work year after year and being a huge influence on thousands of young lives.

Kelli Dickens has done all of that and more as she celebrates 25 years of teaching dance in South Mississippi.

Dickens of Kelli's Steps School of Dance says, "I actually started in my garage when I was 19 almost 20, and I just had a love for it. I just kept it up and it just blossomed."

It blossomed into thriving dance studios in Biloxi and Gulfport. Her dance lessons have earned her students several places on Broadway and National and International Championships. She has about 1,000 trophies of all sizes.

But to Kelli, the honors aren't what measure her success, it's the thousands of lives she's had the pleasure to mold and watch grow through the years.

"I think I'm about at 10,000 in this many years, and it's an awesome feeling!"