Karen causes vacancy at Coast hotels

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Usually Coast hotels are sold out or close to it on the eve of Cruisin' The Coast, but this year the threat of tropical weather brought with it many hotel cancellations.

The lines of guests checking in were short and few at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Biloxi this weekend.

Full occupancy was the original expectation for the start of Cruisin' The Coast, but that wasn't the case.

"We actually had to dust off the books because we thought we were beyond the threat of any kind of system," Four Points by Sheraton Kenny Glavan said.

Although the threat of tropical weather appears to be over the news didn't come soon enough.

"Anytime you hear the term hurricane it certainly rubs those emotions. So anyone that called needing to cancel we're allowed to," Glavan said.

One group of County music fans from Baton Rouge, LA didn't let the weather stop them from coming to the coast for a concert.

"We are going to see Chris Young at the Hard Rock tonight," Noelle Kinberger said. "We just started talking about it and said were going to go anyway it's not that serious."

LaVerne Hut flew south from Colorado to attend a wedding. She said she was aware of the storm, but didn't think it was worth canceling her trip to see family.

"The initial date for the wedding is today, but they moved it up Friday because of the hurricane. But what I'd like to say is, who would plan a wedding during hurricane season? But I guess they didn't think it would happen."

If the storm maintained its strength Glavan said he and his staff would have been ready for it.

"Anytime there's a storm threatening the coast we go into storm mode and all departments are given a certain amount of tasks to do when landfalls expected," Glavan explained.

Four Points by Sheraton may have taken a hit thanks to the weather threat, but Glavan said he expects to be at 100 percent occupancy as more cruisers arrive on the Coast throughout the week.

Other hotels and casinos I spoke to Saturday said they've seen a dip in occupancy for the weekend.

But hotel officials said that will change with more cruisers in South Mississippi.

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