South Mississippi enjoys a pleasant Saturday despite early storm threat

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Despite the early threat of tropical storm Karen, it turned out to be a very nice Saturday in South Mississippi.

Even though most residents took the necessary storm precautions, most people we talked with were not disappointed that the severe weather never arrived.

When the storm began breaking apart and the threat to South Mississippi lessened, people got outdoors during the afternoon and evening to enjoy what turned out to be a very pleasant Saturday.

Ominous clouds slowly moved over the Broadwater Marina just before sunset Saturday. Still, fishermen cast their lines and nets, not bothered by any weather threat.

Aside from a brief heavy downpour around 6pm, Karen never lived up to her early billing.

"I expected a lot more rain than we got today. But it's been a beautiful day," said Charles Philbrook.

He and his family decided to venture out of Vancleave for a little beach time.  He and his wife of almost 50 years met on this same beach in Biloxi.

"I took some pictures of that sunset just a few minutes ago. It was beautiful. In between the clouds and the beach and the water," he said.

That same picturesque sunset caused Gary Keyes and Stacey White to pull over the Harley and enjoy the view from the lighthouse parking lot.

"We're just blessed with this gorgeous sunset tonight.  We're enjoying the ride," she said.

"Had a little bit of sprinkles but it's a beautiful night. You'd never think that the storm would be like this. You know, we expected a lot worse," he added.

"Spending some time with our daughter," said Corrina Ladnier, when asked what brought her to the Lighthouse Pier.

She's had no trouble remembering the name of tropical storm Karen.

"It's my Mom's name. We always knew she was gonna get a named storm," she said, laughing.

As for the less-than-dramatic storm impact, it's just fine with her.

"It is really nice.  It's the most waves I've seen out here on the beach in awhile," she observed.

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