People unphased by the threat of TS Karen

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - As the sun peaked over the horizon Saturday morning, the threat of Tropical Storm Karen churning in the Gulf was not enough to keep people indoors.

"I'm going for a run on my normal Saturday morning," said avid runner Donna Barnes.

The Ocean Springs resident said she jogs on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge at least three times a week. Until the tropical system makes its way to land, she said she'll continue to run.

It's a stride similar to that of Barry Rupp.

"I mean look, today there's nothing going on right now. But if the storm does hit, I wouldn't go out," said Rupp.

Those who remained inside, still, weren't too worried.

"It's actually, I think it's going to just be an oversized rainmaker," said Glenn Mallett. "You know, maybe a little wind, a little rain, but nothing to really be concerned about."

Mallet was enjoying breakfast at Fayards off Highway 609 in Ocean Springs and said later he'll relax and watch some football. While Mallett and others aren't too concerned with Tropical Storm Karen, they said they're prepared for whatever it may bring.

"Got gas for my generator, got groceries and that's about it," said Mallett.

"I am, I already went on Friday evening," Donna Barnes. "I went to the store to get whatever I needed."

"Me, I keep water and extra gas all the time, ever since Katrina," said Robin Gardner. "But, I don't think it's going to be that bad, but you should always have something extra going on."

Joggers, walkers and those relaxing over breakfast all said they'll continue to monitor the storm but, until it strikes, they're not going to compromise their weekend.

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