Despite Karen, Coastians enjoy Saturday's nice weather

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The water was really coming down Saturday morning, but only at the Ocean Springs splash pad. Sunny skies meant a walk on the Pascagoula beach for Christopher Jordan and his son, Bently.

"I'm not going to let anything stop us from having a good day on the beach. Just come out here and enjoy the weather while we can," Jordan said.

A storm in the Gulf was not about to put a damper on the weekly outing for a group of tennis players.

"We're just thrilled that Karen didn't disrupt our Saturday morning tennis," Nancy Wilson said. "We love to come out here and enjoy the beautiful scenery and hit a few balls, get a little exercise and have lot of fun."

Susan Kendrick is busy decorating a cake for a special person in her life. Nothing was going to stop that.

"This is for my daughter's birthday and it's a party this afternoon that we decided not to cancel and go ahead with. Despite the fact that everyone told you to cancel? Yes, despite everyone telling us to cancel," Kendrick explained.

In talking with people Saturday, I found they are paying attention to what Karen is doing, they say they have prepared in case it does come our way, but they also say, life goes on.

Put Tara Wiley in that camp, out for her daily bike ride.

"When it's a category three or four, maybe I'll be scared. But a one or two, no. A tropical storm, no. We're prepared at all time though," Wiley explained.

Normal routines were the norm, with joggers taking a lap, people hoping to catch the evening meal, some tending to the garden, others walking the dogs, even snapping up goodies at the Fresh Market. Indeed, life goes on.

Many people told Doug they wanted to enjoy the day as much as possible, since Sunday may be a washout because of Karen.

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