Waveland Gears Up For Cruisin' Guests

The city of Waveland is gearing up for a classic car invasion. For the first time, the city will be a "Pit Stop" for this year's Cruisin' The Coast  event. It's something city leaders have worked for years to make happen.

When the classic cars cruise down Waveland's Coleman Avenue next week, they can expect a smooth ride. Work crews are busy repairing bumps, cracks and voids in the road. The work was originally scheduled for later this year.

"A lot of the plans have been sped up with the anticipation of Cruisin' The Coast," Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo said.

Coleman Avenue business owner Kathy Pinn can feel the excitement.

"What I think it's going to mean for us is an increased awareness that Coleman Avenue is here, that it exists, that we have things to offer."

Kathy Pinn owns a gift shop on Coleman, and serves as President of the street's merchants association "The Coleman Avenue Coalition."

"We're just trying to get ready for the party. We're trying to make everything look as good as we can. We are pumped for this," Pinn said.

That enthusiasm is reflected in some of the merchandise they've stocked for cruisers.

"We've got some car related items, some car charms, T-shirts."

The owners of the pottery shop down the street are also doing some special buying.

"Some small articles... things they can take with them if they're not from this area," business owner Leighanne Lobuono said.

City leaders say it promises to be three days of fun and excitement with events like a seafood boil on the beach and cruising down the beach front.

"On Highway 90, at the old Wal-mart site, we're going to have an old fashioned drive-in movie, which is as much for our local community as it is for our cruisers coming into town. It will be an event they're not likely to forget anytime soon," Mayor Longo said.

"They will know why the city of Waveland is known as the Hospitality City."

Waveland's "Pit Stop" opens to cruisers next Thursday and runs through Saturday. The city will host the only official burn-out event during the cruisers stay on the coast. That event will give cruisers a chance to throw fire from their exalts pipes, burn rubber from their tires and show off the muscle under their hoods.

by Al Showers