Signal's Pascagoula shipyard will hire 500 workers

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - If you drive past Signal International's Pascagoula shipyard, you may see some drilling rigs on the horizon.  Those rigs are why Signal will hire as many as 500 new workers by Thanksgiving.

A news release from Signal International says four offshore drilling rigs must be refurbished and upgraded.  That contract will require the company to increase its workforce.

Dick Marler is the president and CEO of Signal.  "These are substantial contracts for our Mississippi Division and Pascagoula's skyline will soon reflect the presence of these rigs," Marler said in the news release. "It is also a reminder that Signal's MS Operation is vital to maintaining offshore rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico."

Signal plans to increase its Mississippi workforce over the next two months by 500 employees. At peak employment these combined contracts will require over 1,000 employees for most of next year.

According to the news release, Signal is actively seeking professional employees for engineering, planning, and material procurement. Signal will also be hiring in all crafts with emphasis on blasters, painters, pipe fitters/welders, structural fitters/welders, machinists, electricians, rigger/operators and scaffold builders.

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