Radau sentenced to life without parole

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Jeremy Radau will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a Biloxi man. The jury that convicted him of capital murder could not come to a decision on how he should be punished for killing Charles Pickell, so the judge had no choice, but to make it a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Charles Pickell's daughter Renee Pickell said, "This has been probably the worst week of my life."

Renee Pickell and her aunts sat in the courtroom all week listening to the details of their loved one's brutal death.

"For the last four years I told myself he didn't suffer, that maybe the first blow knocked him out and that he never knew anything else, but that's not the case. He suffered. He knew what was happening," Renee Pickell said.

"He was 74-years-old, practically helpless," Charles Pickell's sister Marie Donald said, "He had emphysema, arthritis, scoliosis, he was real weak. He liked people and never thought in a million years someone would harm him in any way."

Jeremy Radau claimed he killed Charles Pickell after an argument over money, drugs and prostitution, but Renee Pickell and Marie Donald insist the murderer painted a picture of Charles Pickell that just was not true.

"He had never sold drugs," Renee Pickell said. "That was not my father at all, he was a retired farmer, that's it. Just a nice old man."

Seeing Radau smiling throughout the trial and hearing his lack of remorse made Pickell's family hopeful the jury would sentence Radau to death.

"If you can't give the death penalty for a case like this where it is a helpless person beat to death with a baseball bat, than you can't give the death penalty at all," Donald said.

"Horrendous murder, senseless, useless, there was no reason for it," Renee Pickell said. "He took away a father from me. I didn't get the death penalty, but he will die in prison and that's all that matters to me."

Renee Pickell has never spoken to her dad's murderer, but if she did she said she would ask him a question.

"I don't understand why, I would really like to know the true reason why he had to beat him to death. There was no need. He couldn't walk from his recliner to his car without gasping for air," Pickell said.

Now with justice complete, those who lived Charles Pickell hope they can finally heal.

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