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Concealed weapons OK at school games with right permit

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You can pack heat while cheering on your favorite sports team. Attorney General Jim Hood says you've just got to have the right permit to do it.

"It's only for those people that have gone through at least about eight hours of training and have enhanced carry permits. There are not that many of them," said Hood.

Senator John Horhn says the consequences could be dangerous.

"If there is a situation on the athletic field that raises tempers, I think it's a bad mix," Horhn said.

Hood wrote the opinion in response to a superintendent's question about the current enhanced concealed carry law. He says a 2012 amendment from the legislature is what made carrying to a game possible.

"It was in conflict with that long standing statute prohibiting carrying firearms on schools. But it's express and when the legislature expressly says something then we have to follow it," Hood explained.

The opinion says people can't carry onto restricted areas of campus, no matter what permit they have. An athletic event is different because it's generally open to the public.

"This issue is getting muddier and muddier. We don't know what's legal and what isn't legal anymore as it relates to guns. I think we're setting ourselves up for a bad fall," disputed Horhn.

Brandon Jones authored the enhanced concealed carry bill in 2011.

"This seems to be one of those bills that conceptually worked but in application, brought some problems," Jones admitted.

Jones and Horhn agree that Hood's opinion shows, it's time to re-evaluate the law.

"It's good for us to be able to more narrowly tailor laws like this one," said Jones. 

Horhn pointed out, "When you push the envelope and firearms are involved, often people get hurt."

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