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Help For Domestic Abuse Victims

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A violent murder suicide in Magee this week is brining more awareness to the problem of domestic violence. Twenty-one year old Jessica Cromwell was stabbed to death in Magee Tuesday while at work by Robert Williams, Junior, the father of her child.

Police say Williams died after hanging himself in jail. Jessica's family says she had been the victim of an abusive relationship for years, but never got the help she needed.

Cromwell's Aunt, Lynn Smith says,

"It happened so many times, said Cromwell's aunt, Lynn Smith. "She left him the night before and look what happened. It's like she had no help to get away from this guy."

Cromwell's family says she filed charges against Williams, but eventually dropped them all.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Experts say there are resources available for victims, but often women avoid them out of fear their abuser could hurt them worse.

The Angel Wings Outreach Center is one of 14 shelters in Mississippi offering help to abuse victims. 

Angel Wings Executive Director Lanza Seals says, 

"People don't realize how serious domestic violence is, said Angel Wings Executive Director Lanza Seals. "It's so important that we educate and that we continue to put the awareness out there so people can understand just how serious it is and it shouldn't have to get to the point where someone gets killed."

Seals says that Cromwell never sought help from her shelter.

"Someone had to know that she was involved in it before it got to that point," said Seals. "You don't just get into a relationship and the next day somebody kills you."

For information or help in abusive relationships visit the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

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