Get a fill-up, help your school

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - For the next few weeks, each time you fill up your vehicle at a Chevron or Texaco station; you will be helping to provide school supplies for Jackson County Schools.

The Chevron refinery in Pascagoula kicked off its second annual "Fuel Your School" Program Tuesday.  For every eight gallons you buy, the company will donate a dollar, up to $50,000.

With boxes of school supplies coming in, the kids at Oak Park Elementary in Ocean Springs were dancing and singing with excitement. It was like an early Christmas delivery, but it was much more than that.

"It's so important for our teachers to have these additional resources and additional opportunities to apply for these resources," said Dr. Bonita Coleman-Potter, the Ocean Springs school superintendent.

The teachers agree that filling up your car can now leave you with a good feeling, even with the higher gas prices.

"It was so rewarding to see the kids so engaged in what they we getting. I think that they were so excited about the new learning activities that we're going to have in our classroom. So thanks to Chevron," said Maya Dudte, a teacher at Oak Park Elementary.

Large corporations across the country usually pick one or two agencies to help with donations. Chevron has chosen education, and they've done that for a very long time for a very special reason, according to general manager Tom Kovar.

"These kids are the future. They are the future leaders of our community and where else to focus and spend some attention," Kovar explained.  "All you have to do is look at the eyes, and see the wheels turning and the excitement."

There's also excitement in knowing these supplies are the gift that will keep on giving, according to Coleman-Potter.

"The great thing about these resources is that they are also recyclable. We can re-use for class after class so for years to come, children will benefit this product today," said Coleman-Potter.

With the children settling down for some learning fun, there was just one thing left to say: a big thanks to Chevron.

The "Fuel Your School" campaign runs until the end of this month.

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