Diamondhead church welcomes bikers to "Biker Sunday" event

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Diamondhead United Methodist hosted their Second Annual Biker Sunday. This year's theme was "You'll Never Ride Alone."

Leather vests and skull caps are not the typical accessories you may see people wearing in a Sunday morning church service, but Minister Evan Stewart said it is just one way his church reaches out to anyone.

"I'm not saying bikers are the worst, but this is an outreach event we do just to share the love of Christ with our community," said Stewart.

Last year was the First Annual Biker Sunday for the church, but rain got in the way making it a flop. Stewart said the turn out this year is just great. They even found some creative ways to promote the event.

"We had a group, a team of outreach volunteers that actually went down and were handing out flyers at places like the silver slipper to just let people know what's going on and that we're here," said Stewart.

The riders met at 9:00 a.m. and attended a worship service themed "You'll Never Ride Alone." Robert Jackson and his wife took part in the event. Jackson feels biker Sunday helps break down "biker" stereotypes.

"All of us that dress up in these funny outfits and wear leathers and everything that we're really just people just like them that have got a love for the wind, a love for the outdoors, and in our case, in CMA, we have a love for Jesus," said Jackson.

CMA, as Jackson said, is the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The Hancock County Chapter, who refers to themselves as "Wheels of Fire Riders", helped the church host the event. The sunny weather made this year's turn out much better than last year, and Minister Stewart hopes to see that growth continue for years to come.

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