Counties Feeling The Loss Of Road Money

Every Mississippi county is feeling the loss of millions of dollars of state aid road money. Harrison County will lose 3-hundred thousand dollars, and Senator Deborah Dawkins told county supervisors they need to fight for the money.

"I'm just hopin' that with as many resolutions as possible that we will be able to restore these funds and it's just a crucial situation as you all know," Dawkins says.

The state aid road money each county uses is now in the state's general fund after lawmakers voted to slash the budget. With less and less money, supervisors say maintaining the roads won't be easy.

District 2 Supervisor Larry Benefield says, "The bottom line is once you get behind on maintenance you never catch up. So those monies are desperately needed."

The money is needed to resurface portions of County Farm and Landon Roads in Benefield's district.

"If you go up and look you'll find there's a lot of wear and tear on the roads so literally that road may be put off a few years until we get additional monies to do that," he says.

And to continue the construction of the new Highway 67 and the Lorraine Road connector in Connie Rockco's district. Right now those projects are behind schedule.

"Those roads, that will interfere with the overlaying and the maintenance of those roads which is 80/20 money for Harrison County. Making Highway 67 not being finished until the year 2008 is an extreme blow to Harrison County," Rockco says.

The supervisors say it will be a blow to citizens too, if at some point, they have to raise taxes to generate road money that the legislature took away.