Gulfport songwriter wants to bring Nashville to the coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - David Cospolich, or "David Grey" as he's known, made his mark in the national music scene, but moved back to Gulfport and is still getting major recognition for his song writing skills. His song "Cowboys and Engines" is now second out of 4,000 contestants in an online contest that he didn't even know about.

When asked to explain the many pictures on his home studio walls, Grey said, "This is Tricia Yearwood; I worked with her back in the 1980s."

For years, David Grey worked with some of the biggest names in country music, hanging out with legends like Dolly Parton and Roy Acuff. But his own music made it around the world.

Pointing to a framed CD and album cover he said, "This one was released in Japan on Americana records."

He was also a paid, professional songwriter for record labels in Nashville. Pointing out another picture on his wall of a beautiful Mississippi blonde, he said, "This is Faith Hill; I had an office right across from her."

But the cut throat world of show business and a ruthless storm called him home to Gulfport.

"When Katrina hit it really changed my life because it just made me miss home. It made me feel like... what if something would have happened to some of my family?"

Family, and music are clearly his greatest loves. Now semi-retired, he still has to go to Nashville a lot. But when he's home, he builds race cars and writes. He's about to form a record label that will be an alliance for home grown talent.

"Cause there's so much talent, my goal and my vision is to do everything from here, so to speak. Keep my business in my home state."

A young music lover, Jason Boggs said, "Let me tell you, before I ever listened to his music, this is the truth, I wanted to meet him."

Not only did Boggs get to meet David Grey, he now works for him. Without asking his boss, Jason entered Grey's song "Cowboys and Engines" into Guitar Center's online singer/songwriter contest. Just three days into the contest, Boggs knew he better tell him, fast.

"I went to check in on the competition and I was simply floored to see him within the top five in the nation," Boggs said.

"I got to be honest with you, I would have never done that," Grey said. "I would have never entered myself in a song writing contest."

The Guitar Center contest ends at midnight November 9, 2013. The top 10 finalist go to Hollywood to perform for judges and the winner gets a record deal. For the link to hear "Cowboys and Engines" in the online voting contest, visit:

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