Live Oaks Residents' Temporarily Moved

Residents of the Live Oaks Apartment complex may not have to wait much longer before returning to their normal lives. Sixty-three families, 107 people in all, were forced to evacuate their homes after Hurricane Ivan tore the roofs off several apartment buildings. The roof was torn off the apartment unit which set over Jason Poole's ground level apartment. .

"It tore the roof off of it," says Poole. "He lost most of his stuff. All his furniture, TV, radio and stuff like that."

With no roof, it didn't take long for the rain water to seep through the floor. The waters damaged many of Poole's possessions.

"TV's, beds, couches and stuff like that," said Poole.

All but two families were relocated to vacant apartments at the complex... until the damage to their actual apartments are repaired. Site manager Wendy Shaw says tenants shouldn't have to wait much longer.

"We're hoping to start repairs within the next week so we can go ahead and get our tenants moved back in," said General Manager Wendy Shaw. "When we go in to do the roofs we're going to do little upgrades to make them even nicer."

Tenants like Jason Poole say the upgrades will be nice but more than anything they want to return to their homes.

"I'm ready," said Poole. "I'll be glad when they get the roof back on it. That's where most of my stuff is and I fixed that apartment up pretty good."

Complex managers wouldn't give a specific date for when repairs should be complete but did say they'll have them done as quickly as possible.