Couple ties the knot in Biloxi's lighthouse

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's been two years since the Biloxi Visitor's Center opened, and it has quickly become a popular place for special events. From weddings to banquets, the center's historical feel makes it a highly sought after venue.

Cars traveling down Highway 90 on Friday afternoon probably didn't notice the couple saying "I do" at the top of the Biloxi lighthouse. Johna Smith and her new husband were surrounded by a very small group of family, as they tied the knot, overlooking the picturesque Mississippi Sound.

"It was great. The view was amazing, but I haven't been up there before, so that was new. It was a little warm, but it was worth it," said Smith.

Bill Raymond is the Historical Administrator for Biloxi. He can only remember three weekends since the center opened two years ago when there wasn't an event at the facility. Raymond believes there are several reasons for its popularity.

"We try to keep the cost very reasonable, and it has great accessibility. We're right on Highway 90, and I think the lighthouse is a big draw," said Raymond.

The lighthouse isn't the first choice for most couples, because of the tight confined space. But recently they've added some features that make that better. The lighthouse now has a camera that allows the ceremony nuptials to be broadcast to family and friends on a TV inside the visitor's center.

People watching the ceremony from the TV can't actually hear the couple exchange vows, yet. Raymond said they haven't gotten that far with the new equipment, but hope to have that feature soon.

Right now, they are just happy the facilities are highly sought after for events.

"This place has been very popular. I looked at next weekend; we actually have three weddings. We have a wedding on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday," said Raymond.

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