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Monster gator snagged in South GA waters


Another monster gator was snagged right here in our back yard, in South Georgia waters Wednesday night.

Four men from Bainbridge caught the beast a couple of miles from Sealy's landing at Lake Seminole around 8 pm, telling us they spent three to four hours hunting.

The group says they measured the gator several times, which comes in at a hefty 13 feet and 9 1/4 inches. 

They're hoping it will break the state record of 13' 9" once it's officially weighed and measured today.

The man of the hour, Jim Overman, who shot the giant calls it "a once in a lifetime alligator" and says he's been passing up smaller gators for six years, waiting for the big one.

The gator is now being kept at true life creation taxidermy and deer processing in Bainbridge until the game warden can come by later today.


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