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C Spire fiber optics create community buzz

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you're looking for a faster internet connection, one might be around the corner.

Google Fiber is in a few cities across the country right now. C Spire says they are different because they plan to make it available to multiple communities in Mississippi.

The groundwork for C Spire's new "Fiber to Home" service is already in place.

"Today we have about 4,000 miles of fiber in the ground," explained Jared Baumann, C Spire Brand Product Manager.

They plan to work off that existing infrastructure and extend it to neighborhoods. The result will be faster internet speeds.

"It's just the pipe that provides you with the excellent resources that are going to be out there today or who knows what else is coming in the future," Baumann said.

They plan to add 1,500 more miles of fiber in the next year and a half.

In the past when everything was analog it would take about 144,000 copper wires to send the amount of data that could now be transferred over one single hair-like fiber strand.

The fibers are currently running through more than 50 Mississippi cities. Jason Dean with the Mississippi Broadband Connect Coalition says that competition factor is a good one.

"You help them understand that broadband has a lot of quality of life issues," described Dean.

Starkville has already started a Twitter campaign to be the first community chosen.

"The ability to have high-speed internet is as much an economic development issue today as having pipes or electricity or an industrial site available," Dean said.

The governor has said this technology could help lead the way to the "Silicon South."

"We expect to be in at least a few towns, very quickly," explained Baumann.

C Spire is asking interested communities to look at the information on the Fiber to Home website. They're also asked to attend a meeting at C Spire's Ridgeland headquarters Monday at 2 p.m.

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