The Floyd Brothers give the Gulfport Admirals a dynamic receiving duo

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport Admirals head coach Eddie Pierce relies on an offense that loves to throw the football behind senior quarterback Thad Miller can zero in on a number of talented wide receivers including the Floyd brothers, senior Jevon and junior Richaud.

Younger brother Richaud has snagged 27 passes for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns including a last second game winner over Wayne County on Friday in a thrilling 35-31 decision.

Is there a difference in their ability?

Richaud said,"There's a big difference. I'm more of a scat back in open spaces. He's more of a deep threat getting behind the defense."

Jevon has hauled in 27 passes, just like his brother, but has 6 touchdowns as opposed to four.

"I'm way smoother than Richaud is," stated Jevon. " I've got a better jump ball but he's more of the quick, fast aggressive type. I'm smooth. I add a little class to my touchdowns."

Coach Pierce is thankful that he has the Floyd's on his side. He said,"Well you know they've both got excellent speed and both have excellent hands and they do a great job running routes. They can really stretch a defense."

He added,"We've got receiver in John Nance who had excellent speed. He can stretch a defense. I think we've got three receivers that puts a lot of pressure on defenses coming in to play the Admirals."

Jevon runs a blazing 4.3 forty yard dash, Richaud has been timed in 4.4 seconds. Jevon says quarterback Thad Miller has helped the duo succeed on the football turf.

Jevon stated,"If we get open, Thad is going to put it there on the money. So it makes our job a little bit easier as far as playing receiver when you know we have a quarterback who is going to put a dart on our chest."

The Floyd's have plenty of respect for St. Martin.

"Always a dangerous team to play,"stated Jevon. "We don't look over anybody. Just play like it's the next game. We've got to win."

The St. Martin-Gulfport confrontation will be one of the marquee games featured on the Friday Night Football Showdown on WLOX-ABC Friday night at 10:35.

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