Elderly father accused of firing shots at son in East Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It began as a loud argument on a street in East Biloxi, but things escalated rather quickly.

An elderly man allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at a couple involved in the argument. He was arrested by police as frightened neighbors looked on.

Here's where the story takes a twist. The couple that was allegedly shot at was the elderly man's son and his son's girlfriend. As you can imagine, the incident left them shaken.

Just before noon Tuesday in the 200 block of Hoxie Street in Biloxi. The initial call to police was a loud domestic dispute.

"Then we got a call that some gunfire had happened. When we got here, it appeared the subject discharged a firearm several times, possibly in the direction of the victims," said Capt. Bruce Johnson with Biloxi police.

The victims are Phillip King and his girlfriend, Tammy. The argument took place at the father's house on Hoxie Street.

"I turn my back, start pushing the lawn mower out of the yard, and the next thing I know, I hear the door come open, turn around and see a gun and shots are being fired and I run down the road," said Phillip.

"I was very nervous. Scared for my life," his girlfriend, Tammy added.

"Yeah it was frightening. Having your own dad shoot at 'ya. Running down the road," said King.

Neighbors also found it frightening.

"This is usually a pretty quiet neighborhood," said Jennifer Wajda, who lives next door to the house where the gunfire erupted.

Considering Wajda lives with a six month old baby girl and a two year old boy, she has two very good reasons for being concerned.

"I just heard gunshots. I thought were fireworks at one point, cause I'm always hearing them on Crawford Street going off. Guns, knives. Anything like that worries me," said Wajda.

"Anytime there's shots fired, especially multiples, bullets don't care who they hit or where they go. So, we're taking it very seriously," said Capt. Johnson.

Phillip King understands the seriousness of this incident.  He also knows he and his girlfriend were extremely lucky.

"As we were running, he was shooting like that," he said, "And I believe he was trying to hit us."

Phillip King says his father is 74-year-old Louis King. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

The son told WLOX News that his father has been going through some difficulties and he would like to get some counseling for his dad.

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