Popular Pascagoula Park set to get million dollar makeover

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The popular Point Park in Pascagoula will be temporarily closing soon, but for good reason. The city of Pascagoula is about to give the old, pothole infested park a much needed facelift.

Point Park in Pascagoula is usually crowded with people either fishing or just hanging out. Many of them would like to see the popular area upgraded.

"The road right now is real bumpy and a lot of people are tearing tires up and stuff," Jackson County resident David Brown said.

"Yes, it needs work. It still got the same torn up roads," frequent visitor Reggie Griffin said.

City officials are also not pleased with the shape this park is in now.

"It looks pretty bad right now. We have a lot of potholes and a lot of trash," Community Development Director Jen Dearman said.

For nearly a decade, the city has been brainstorming ways to get money for improvements. Now through a combination of grant and city funding the transformation will soon begin.

"The potholes will be fixed. We will have everything resurfaced, some landscaping, some trees, a little bit of sidewalks, pervious parking. It is going to be wonderful," Dearman said.

A supersized amphitheater is also going up here. The mayor said the open air venue will host entertainment and sporting activities.

"I think it is going to really improve the quality of life in Pascagoula. What we are trying to do with this great project at the Point is tie into our brand new promenade. And our 10 foot-wide walkway that comes all the way along Beach Boulevard into this ascetically beautiful area with new nice amphitheater that will be behind me where we can sit several hundred people," said Mayor Jim Blevins.

The new plans sound good to park goers.

"I think it is going to great. I think there are going to be a lot more people coming down here visiting," said Brown.

"Yes, I think more people would come. Just like we met some folks awhile ago. They were coming out here to take pictures and stuff. They said it will look a little better if they do some improvements," said Griffin said.

The improvements at the park will cost $1.4 million. City officials said the work should begin in the next three to four weeks. The Point Park will then be temporarily shut down for at least five months.

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