More small businesses investing in downtown Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - More small businesses are beginning to take a chance on downtown Moss Point this year. The Main Street director is hoping the growth continues to bring more revenue to the city and improve the quality of life.

Tonya Fredriksen's Shopaholics Boutique is one of those new shops in downtown Moss Point.

"Business has been great. It was slow at first, but now people are learning where I am," Fredriksen said.

Mary Gilly's owns Mati's Treasures, another business that's new to the neighborhood.

"I have met a lot of new people and they have been very supportive of us," Gilly said.

The owners were a little reluctant to set up shop in Moss Point, but decided to take a chance anyway to help improve the image of the city and offer more to residents.

"You couldn't find a better place," said Gilly.

"With the economy, you wonder how it is going to work out. But I feel this location is great," Fredriksen said.

"Just trying to get that positive image in people's minds to say, 'Let's go to downtown Moss Point there are positive happening here,'" Main Street Director Kristen Holley said.

Three new shops have opened along the downtown strip in the last six months. Holley said there's still a retail and restaurant gap that needs to be filled.

"It is not good when we don't have a lot of businesses; retail businesses and restaurants because that is what people want to come to downtown area to do," said Holley.

Holley looks at the three new openings as a good start, and she hopes it will encourage more investments to follow.

"We are really excited about the Pascagoula River Audubon Center coming to the downtown area, so it is a 10 acre site and a $2 million project. So, we are going to need businesses that will be able to support the Audubon Center," Holley said.

Business owners are also banking on future success.

"I feel the more people who come and spend money and it will go into the city revenue. It will make Moss Point grow and more, more people will catch on, and just more and more things will open in Moss Point. It will be a prime location," Fredriksen said.

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