Residents in Long Beach neighborhood fed up with dirt bikes

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - "To me they're disturbing their quality of life. They are disturbing their peace and it's not called for in the city of Long beach," Long Beach Ward 1 Alderman Gary Ponthieux said.

Ponthieux walked on dirt bike tracks on private property centered between two neighborhoods along Marcie and Markam Drives Saturday afternoon. He said the owner of the property isn't aware that people have been riding the bikes and disturbing the once peaceful area.

"It started with one kid and he started bringing his friend now it's to the point the bikes have gotten louder and bigger," Marcie Drive resident Richard Coto said.

Police have been called out to the property dozens of times. However, Coto said he continues to hear the disturbing sounds of the dirt bikes.

"We originally lost our house in Katrina. We wanted to come back here because I like this area, but after I started thinking about this, with these dirt bike problems, I don't know," Coto said.

Ponthieux said he believes he has a solution.

"What I would like to do, is hopefully the board will go along with my request is, I'd like to introduce an ordinance that will eliminate off road vehicles, meaning dirt bikes or ATVs," Ponthieux said.

If approved by city officials, Ponthieux said he wants the ordinance to apply to both Long Beach's public and private properties. It's an ordinance, Coto hopes will get approved.

"We're not able to sit on our backyard and enjoy ourselves here. It's affecting all the neighbors that live on this side of the road and the ones that live on the other side of the road because you get that constant whining of the motors all the time," Coto recalled.

Ponthieux said he plans on bringing the proposed ordinance before the Long Beach board of alderman during the first week of October.

Ponthieux said if the proposed ordinance is approved, he'd also like to see citations written for violators and would like to see the violator's vehicle's impounded.

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