Pascagoula Debris Too Much For City To Handle

Cleanup crews were out early Saturday morning on Market Street cleaning up the leaves, limbs, and other debris Ivan left behind.

Disaster Cleanup Coordinator Michael Williams says there's something you can to do to help.

"If the citizens would, it would be helpful if the loose leaves they would rake up. If they would just put those into garbage bags, it would make it a lot easier. We can get it a lot cleaner for them," Williams says.

But getting the city spotless, officials say, is not something this crew can do overnight.

"They're picking up the bigger parts of the debris, the limbs and stuff. The clean-up crew will come in and follow them to make it very pretty and to look nice," City Recreations Rita Ellzey says.

Lots of debris is still scattered on the streets. But residents say they don't mind.

They are just relieved the bulk of the mess is gone.

"We're just thankful they've gotten the biggest part, because as I said, it has been dangerous. Some of it across the street was out in the street, and you could not see, period," Pascagoula resident Mary Morgan says.

Morgan says seeing beyond what used to be a large stack of garbage bags in her yard is more important to her than the little leaves left behind.