MDOT paves way for cruisers by smoothing out Hwy 90

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Thousands of Cruisers are coming to town and several beautification projects are underway to give our guests a good impression of South Mississippi. One of those projects targets all the dips and bumps along Highway 90.

Cruisin' the Coast revs into action in just a couple of weeks. Before the vintage vehicles, visitors, and spectators hit Highway 90, the state Department of Transportation wants to get a head-start by smoothing out all the rough spots.

"We're just milling and overlaying some bumps and dips in the road, trying to smooth them out," said MDOT Branch Director Travis Boyle. "We know a lot of cars are coming with Cruisin' the Coast. We're trying to hurry and finish and get out of the way before the traffic gets here."

The repaving work will stretch across Harrison County, from Henderson Point to Point Cadet.   MDOT has identified about 40 sections along the busy corridor that have buckled or dropped.   The largest area is about 500 feet long.

"The hot temperatures make it buckle or dip," said Boyle. "Water seeping up, and the road bed was built on sand and it just shifts over time."

The resurfacing work did run into a minor roadblock. The asphalt spreader broke down two days ago. With a borrowed spreader, crews are scrambling to finish the job before Cruisin' the Coast shifts into high gear.

"MDOT has always been great to work with us, because they know this is our front door and this is what we use during Cruisin' the Coast," said Woody Bailey, Cruisin' the Coast Executive Director. "They're really helpful in removing sand, all sorts of things, to make Highway 90 work for Cruisin the Coast. I'm very pleased at what I see."

MDOT crews will also patch-up parts of Highway 49 south of Creosote Road as part this maintenance project.

"Having a nice roadway, smooth roadway, whether they're Cruisin' guests or we have a lot of spectators coming too, I think it's a good impression of the Gulf Coast," said Bailey.

"Anytime you got a smoother highway to ride on, you got happier people," said Boyle.

Close to 5,600 cars have pre-registered for the event. Cruisin' the Coast organizers say it's too early to tell exactly how many vehicles will be here, but they are prepared for as many as 7,000 cars. The event runs October 6-13.

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