Radio Personalities Rally For Relief

Downtown Leslie Brown, along with other personalities of the Clear Channel Radio Group, held live broadcasts in front of the Wal-Mart in Pascagoula for a good cause.

The reason was to raise money for those who need it most.

"We've had our hurricane relief drive for the American Red Cross, and Clear Channel Radio wanted to be able to help out in some way, and the Gulf Coast is just full of people who are wanting to help who are filled with love and wanting to help those in need," said Clear Channel Radio operations manager Walter Brown.

People like 8-year-old Erica Ables, who donated ten cents.

"It's nice to give people money that don't have any," said Ables.

Erica's feeling mirrored those of others who donated money as well as other necessities for the victims of hurricanes Ivan, Frances, and Charley.

A Red Cross volunteer says every little bit helps the organization to help others.

"You hit events like this and we have tough times because we're helping people with a lot of money and financial assistance and things like that. And so, when you do these kind of things, we need more assistance to make it through the next one because we're planning for the next disaster. What's coming up next and that's what we have to think about," said Texas Red Cross volunteer Rodney Thompson.

And if the next disaster strikes South Mississippi, hopefully others will return the support that has been demonstrated in Pascagoula.

As of three Friday afternoon, a little more than 10-thousand dollars was raised for hurricane victims.

You can still make donations by calling the American Red Cross at 1-800-HELP NOW.