Some of Jackson Co.'s worst neighborhood streets to be fixed

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The potholes and flooding nightmares on several neighborhood streets throughout Jackson County will soon be fixed.  County officials said they're allocating more than $1 million to the cities for repairs.

Some Ocean Springs citizens are excited about the promised makeover. Sheila Rusk said when it rains on Catherine Street in Ocean Springs the water sometimes rises as high as her mailbox.

"Several times over a 33 year period it has been almost to the house. We have moved cars. Several neighbors on the streets have lost their cars," said Rusk.

She blames the cracked, crumbling street she lives on.

"I do. If you look carefully at the street, there are so many cracks in it.  We just can't figure the problem out here. The drains have been cleaned the streets needs to be redone," Rusk said.

Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer agrees the street is in really bad shape.

"What we have is a street that is somewhat collapsed in an area. We will come in with the help of Jackson County Supervisor John McKay and the county. We are going to try to rectify it," Denyer said.

There are at least 12 streets in Ocean Springs that are on the list to get a makeover. Residents could see the finish product in the next 30 to 45 days.

"What we do is work with the alderman in the cities to find out what streets are in the worst condition and then we pave it out of the Jackson County fund," Supervisor John McKay said.

More than a $1 million is coming out of the fund this year to upgrade local rut roads in Gautier, Moss Point, Pascagoula and Ocean Springs.

"What people need to realize is this what Jackson County does, many counties in the state do not do. We are not required by law to pave streets within the city," McKay said. "We give back to the city 50 percent of their tax dollars to do that. But this is over and above that, we go in and do street paving."

Folks in the area are now anticipating smoother, safer streets to ride and live on.

"People will be able to park the cars on the street or have guests come over and don't have to worry about a certain rain storm raining us out," said Rusk.

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