WLOX Editorial: Hold the line on spending

Just how much money will the State of Mississippi spend next fiscal year? That's the question State lawmakers are beginning to look at as they hear spending proposals.

It was $5.5 billion this year. According to some statistics, Mississippi is returning to near the pre-recession economic status. Some may view this as a green light for State government to let the spending begin.

We say, just because the state appears to be in better shape, does not mean the government should find new ways to spend taxpayer money. In recent years, the state government has held increased spending under the increase in tax revenue increases. But this year some departments are suggesting a 20 percent increase in spending.

To the state lawmakers making the spending decisions, we say scrutinize everything. The money we pay in taxes is hard earned. The taxpayers deserve your best efforts to use our money wisely and hold the line on spending.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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